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Get your personalised, prescription grade sleep solutions in under 5 minutes. Prescribed by Australian doctors, pharmacy compounded and delivered to your door.

Personalised sleep solutions


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Personalised sleep solutions


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Personalised sleep solutions


13-18 years

Starting at $59

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Fill out the form in less than 5 minutes for one of our Australian doctors to review and prescribe you a personalised sleep treatment based on your needs.

Personalised prescription

Personalised prescription

Your personalised sleep treatment will be compounded by an Australian pharmacist within 24 hours.

Deliver to your door

Delivered to your door

Your treatment will be express delivered to your door. No need for a doctor’s appointment or trip to the pharmacy.


Sleep science

“Sleep is an integral part of our lives. However, in our over-stressed, over-caffeinated, over-social lives that are out of sync with the Circadian rhythm, most of us have forgotten how to sleep properly! Supplements along with some good sleep hygiene can help with retraining the body and mind to ensure a restorative night’s sleep.”

Dr Lucy Caratti, Scripte Medical Director

Sleep Science
Dr. Lucy Caratti

Asked Questions

Our doctors will prescribe your personalised sleep treatment using a unique combination of that best suits your needs. Please click HERE to check out our Ingredients page for more information on our key ingredients.

All of our ingredients are clinically proven to amplify your body’s ability to produce sleep-inducing hormones. They are are non-habit forming. Unlike over-the-counter sleep products, we can tailor the dosage and blend of the medicines specifically to your needs.


At Scripte you only pay one fee which includes the doctor’s consultation and supply of your personally compounded medicines. For our Adult Blends, the prices per quantity of capsules requested is:

25 capsules: $49 + GST

50 capsules: $69 + GST

100 capsules: $89 + GST

150 capsules: $109 + GST

All of our orders ship from Melbourne, Victoria. We offer either Regular Post for $9.50 or Express Post for $14.

All prescription drugs come with potential side effects, but these won’t necessarily affect everyone. A consumer medicines leaflet will accompany your medicines when they are delivered to you.

Our doctors will recommend an initial dosage and maintenance dosage that is tailored to your needs. As a guide, our doctors will typically recommend a dosage of between 2-4 capsules per night to start with, reducing down to 1-2 capsules after you have achieved one week of great sleep.

Pretty much the same! You just request a treatment by filling out the form online and our doctor will review your results and determine if they recommend the medicine for you. All your information is kept entirely confidential.

The sleep treatments we prescribe are prescription only with dosages that you will not find in sleep products over-the-counter.

Most people will notice improvement in their sleep immediately when they start the treatment. You may find you don’t need to take them every night, or you may prefer to take the tablets continuously.

Dr Lucy recommends using continuously for three months to help reset your body’s sleep patterns. If you find it is not helping with your sleep concerns, please get in touch to discuss an alternative formula with the doctor.

Our blends do not contain any ingredients that will test positive on a standard drug and alcohol test.

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Sleep is one of the 4 pillars of health and is imperative for both immediate and long-term quality of life.

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